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The programmes and materials for the Cultural Education Department are aimed at a broad audience.  They support group visits to the Museum in addition to those by individuals.  For example, in addition to catalogues there are also short guides and audio guides for all major exhibitions.

Various creative courses and workshops are offered to adults in addition to guided tours and seminars.  One such covers the preparation of job application folders to create the job application folders that are required for several university courses.  The Kunstfans and Junge Nacht events are aimed specifically at young adults, high school students, university students and young professionals.  Older people on the other hand can, for example, get involved in voluntary work with the Kunstpalast Museum Key Workers or take part in the “Forum Kunst” lecture series.

The Kunstpalast Museum has several opportunities for children aged 4 and over and young people; these include exhibitions and initiatives for them to take part in, creative courses, workshops and holiday and birthday programmes.  Of these the Youth Club represents a special highlight.  Its members meet once a week and regularly carry out large projects.

Small and big visitors are invited to explore the Museum and work creatively themselves on “Family Sundays”.  The open programme combines talks on art with a visit to the Museum studio.  What is more the museum case can be borrowed at the ticket office during Museum visits with children.

Schoolchildren are traditionally an important visitor group for the Kunstpalast Museum.  In addition to visits to exhibitions and collections, offers for classes of schoolchildren generally include creative work.  Class talks can also be conducted in foreign languages such as English, French and Italian on request.   Project mornings and longer-term cooperation are also possible.  Furthermore courses and introduction for teachers are provided for all major temporary exhibitions.  A similar programme is currently being established for daycare centres.

Finally companies can also make use of the special Museum opportunities and its diverse visitor support experiences.  As well as guided tours and the art mediators who are available for individual art discussions during exhibitions, it is also possible to book workshops for example.  Participants are then able to work creatively themselves under the guidance of artists.  A wide range of materials is available for this in the Museum studio.

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