Jan Fišar – The Frauke Thole Collection

The image shows a green glass sculpture with the title "One Step Ahead". It was made by Jan Fisar in 1999 and forms part of the collection Frauke Thole at the Museum Kunstpalast.
Jan Fišar, "One Step Ahead," 1999, 37 x 48 x 15 cm, collection Frauke Thole, Museum Kunstpalast (LP 2016-24). Foto: Studio Fuis

The exhibition has been extended until 7 October 2018.

Ms. Frauke Thole from Hamburg donated her collection of 27 works by the Czech sculptor Jan Fišar to the Glasmuseum Hentrich. Jan Fišar (1933–2010; pronounce: „feeshar“) had been tought sculpture by Professor Josef Wágner at the advanced school of applied arts in Prague in the 1950s. From the beginning of his artistic career, Fišar worked with various materials, such as bronze, wood, clay, and stone. He only started to use glass in 1966, when invited by the artists Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová to cooperate at their project for the World Fair in Montreal, 1967. That exhibition did not fail to impress the Western World with the sculptural quality of post-war Czechoslovakian art. Glass emerged as a valid material of the visual arts, and since became Jan Fišar’s dominant, almost exclusive focus.

Due to the donation, the development of Jan Fišar’s work through 40 years can now be presented at the Glasmuseum Hentrich in all of its artistic phases.

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