Stephen Cone Weeks, “Boy with the Watering-Can”

Stephen Cone Weeks, detail from: “The Boy with the Watering Can”, made in 2015. Drawing on acrylic compound on glass.
Stephen Cone Weeks, “The Boy with the Watering Can” (detail), 2015, 140 x 38 cm, drawing on acrylic compound on glass. Foto: Olaf Bergmann.

Fri, 28 October 2016 – Sun, 5 February 2017


“Boy with the Watering-Can,” a tiny Neo-Rococo porcelain figure, is the picture of innocence. He belongs to some unattainable ideal world, as do other protagonists in Stephen Cone Weeks’ narrative: a porcelain girl with a candle, a drumming pig, a fretwork castle on a hill. Stephen Cone Weeks draws all these in colour on glass. But the tranquil sweetness is broken, not least by light reflecting on the surfaces of the layers of glass on which he draws. We look into a transparent green-ness which protects, reveals and obscures a fragile world within its depths.


Stephen Cone Weeks grew up in Canada; his first encounter with glass was an apprenticeship in a stained-glass workshop in Cologne, Germany. He studied art at the University of Windsor, Ontario, and at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf, where, as a Meisterschüler of Rolf Sackenheim, he focused on drawing and lithography. In 1997 he returned to glass when he found an acrylic compound that adheres to glass and provides an excellent drawing surface. The Hentrich Glass Museum owns one of his works.

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