Ulrike Schulze

Ehrenhof Prize 2016

Fri, 20.1. - Sun, 16.4.2017

Following an initiative by the donor, Dr. Georg Landsberg, the Ehrenhof Prize was established in 2016. In collaboration with Museum Kunstpalast, this prize will be awarded annually to graduates of the Düsseldorf Academy of Art. During the traditional spring exhibition Rundgang a jury determines a winner and awards the prize. In addition to the prize money the award includes a small museum exhibition with an accompanying publication the following year.

The first laureate is Ulrike Schulze. She was born in 1985 and completed her studies with Rebecca Warren in 2016. In her sculptural works, she usually reflects on the places and conditions of her presentations, as in her current exhibition at Museum Kunstpalast, which she entitled “Panama”. With a small number of raw objects made of building slabs, clay or concrete, she analyzes space. The cautious, yet precise positioning of her sculptures transforms the architecture into an equally important formal element of her work – certain peculiarities of the place become apparent, and the transitions from installation to exhibition space get murky. The indeterminacy of the work brings us to “Panama”. Apart from the real country, playful associations are triggered: for instance to the popular childrens’ story “Oh wie schön ist Panama” by Janosch, or to the artist Panamarenko. Both represent individual realities, the quest for utopias, for (fantastic) journeys and the power of vision and creation.

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