Maren Heyne – artist portraits

31 Jan  - 22 Feb 2015

(showcase exhibition)

Kuratorin: Anne Rodler

Drawing from the archive of artistic photography of the Rhine art scene (AFORK) held by Museum Kunstpalast, the exhibition presents artist portraits by the artistic photographer Maren Heyne, who was born in Munich in 1941. Maren Heyne initially studied architecture, but later gave preference to photography. Working on her own account or on commission, she created commanding work series on the subjects of landscape, architecture and art. Her black-and-white photographs of artists created during studio visits portray the artists in their individual environment and characterize the special atmosphere of these settings. From Düsseldorf, which is where the photographer has lived since 1963 and has entertained close contacts with the artist scene, she travelled around the globe for reportages.



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