Camille Graeser. Moved out of line

24 Apr 2015 – 26 Jul 2015

Curator: Beat Wismer

Camille Graeser (1892-1980), along with Max Bill, Richard Paul Lohse and Verena Loewensberg, is among the key exponents of the art movement Zurich Concrete. His art follows geometrical-mathematical principles, while also being characterised by a playful, lyrical approach to pictorial elements. In the mid-1960s Graeser discovered the scope of serigraphy, which accommodates the democratic attitude of the Concretes, being art suited to tight budgets.

In 1986 the foundation Camille Graeser Stiftung bequeathed almost the entire oeuvre of the Swiss artist’s prints and drawings to the museum. After a period of almost 40 years, Museum Kunstpalast will once again be presenting these works, supplemented by a number of sheets held by the Camille Graeser Stiftung, in a comprehensive retrospective presentation.

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