Prints by Pablo Picasso

28 March - 30 June 2013

„One should always show a little more daring, even if it might break one’s neck.“

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was the artist of a century. He shines with his original artistic solutions not least in his printed works. Over a period of seven decades, he created more than 2000 prints using all kinds of techniques. Each time he mastered a new graphic technique, he used it to find new ways to develop the themes he loved: scenes of bull-fighting, the circus, portraits of his family and paraphrases of the Old Masters. Picasso also discovered new techniques himself, such as the sugar aquatint, which had been used in 19th century fashion prints. He realized the possibilities presented by this technique and applied t to achieve in print an almost painterly surface and brushstroke effects.

The Museum Kunstpalast owns around 80 prints by this artist. They cover almost all of his creative periods and include examples from his renowned portfolios such as the Suite Vollard and his artist’s books. From our collection we are presenting works of the 1920s up to the 1960s in various techniques: etching, lithography, aquatint and linocut.

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