New Acquisitions

Collecting art is one of the most exciting tasks of a museum. It opens up new perspectives – even of the long-standing works – and ensures a steady increase in the collections’ quality.

Additions to the museum’s collection are funded by the city of Düsseldorf, but the support of private individuals and foundations is no less important. In keeping with tradition, the Friends of the Museum Kunstpalast support new acquisitions and every now and again both artists and art-loving citizens make generous donations to the museum. Be a patron of the arts! You can support the museum either as private individual, as business enterprise, or as foundation (

The following selection of interesting acquisitions will be updated regularly.

  • Simon Kick
    Lady with servant in front of the mirror, c. 1648

  • Ferdinand Fagerlin (1825 – 1907)
    Portrait of Zeno Oreno of Guadeloupe, 1854

  • Julia Gruner
    Rain skin, 2015

  • Pia Fries
    beringer, 2002

  • Christine Streuli
    Warpainting_009, 2017

  • Heinz Baumüller
    Wegkreuz-Kreuzweg. 1982/ 2000

  • René Hüls
    Die Digitale, 2013

  • Pia Fries
    Pliss, 2007

  • Carl Wilhelm Kolbe d. Ä.
    Satyr Abducting a Nymph on Horseback, 1797

  • Nora Schattauer
    August 2014

  • Thomas Schütte
    Für Aussen, 1987

  • Anna Vogel
    Smiling Barn Owl #3, 2013

  • Michela Cattai
    Vase from the series “canneto, acquamarina” no. 141, 2016
    Made by Andrea Zilio, Murano, Italy

  • Pen with diamond point
    France or Germany, mid-18th century

  • Recuenco (attributed)
    Vase with handles, Castile, Spain, 2nd half of the 17th or 1st half of the 18th century

  • Rolf Krüger
    Series “Geometria”, designed 1989–1990
    Made by Schott glass, Zwiesel, Bavaria

  • Koloman Moser
    Set of drinking glasses, model 100a (“Meteor”), 1900
    Made by Meyr’s Neffe, South Bohemia, for E. Bakalowits Söhne, Vienna

  • Mary Heilmann
    Clubchair 78, 2011

  • Mary Heilmann
    Clubchair 75, 2012

  • Gert H. Wollheim
    Der Theaterdirektor (Theatre director). 1925

  • Thomas Huber
    Rede über die Sintflut (Talk on the Deluge), 1982

  • Thomas Huber
    Rede zur Schöpfung (Talk on the Creation), 1982

  • Max Klinger (Leipzig 1857 – 1920 Großjena)
    Bestürmung (Storm), sheet 28 from the portfolio ‘Zelt’, Opus XIV, 1916

  • Antje Dorn (born 1964 in Aachen, lives in Berlin)
    Untitled, from the series ‘Rare Animals and Numbers’, 2005/2006

  • Holy water font, 17th century

  • František (Franz) Bibus & Sohn (since 1917), silver smiths, Trübau / Mähren

    Four-part mocha set and matching tray, ca. 1930

  • Karl (Wilhelm) Raichle (Dettingen/Teck 1874 – 1965 Meersburg a. Bodensee)

    Bowl, after 1922

  • Cantir
    Catalonia, Spain, late 17th or 18th century

  • Glass model of a frigate
    presumably Venice, ca. 1815

  • Shige Fujishiro
    “Aldi Süd – Dirk van den Broek”, Hanover 2012

  • Palo Macho and Jana Hojstričová<br /> “The Dressing Table with Mirror”, Bratislava 2015

  • Adolf Senff (1785–1863)
    Madonna und Jesusknabe mit Blumenbouquets in griechischen Vasen (Madonna and Christ Child with Bouquets of Flowers in Greek Vases), 1831-32

  • German Grobe (1857–1938)
    Die Voorstraat in Katwijk a. d. Rijn, ca. 1908 

  • Heinz Baumüller
    IRON Painting. 1985

  • Hubert Kiecol
    Ahab. 1996

  • Imi Knoebel
    Kartoffelbild 13 (Potato image 13), 2012

  • Tata Ronkholz (Krefeld 1940 – 1997 Hürth-Kendenich)
    Düsseldorf, Martiusstrasse 46 from the series ‘Trinkhallen’, 1978

  • Carl Gehrts (Hamburg 1853 – 1898 Endenich)
    Bei Sellin auf Rügen (Near Sellin on Rügen), 1880

  • Goblet with fish stem
    Castile, El Recuenco, 2nd half of the 17th or 1st half of the 18th century

  • Birdcage with fish tank
    presumably Bohemia, ca. 1840

  • Helmut Schweizer
    “Himmel und Erde [N+U]” (Heaven and earth [N+U]), 1969–2014

  • Sebastian Riemer (born 1982 in Oberhausen)
    Küstenlandschaft (Coastal landscape), 2013

  • Mounir Fatmi (1970 Tangier, Morocco)
    Technologia No. 01, 2011

  • Mounir Fatmi (1970 Tangier, Morocco)
    Technologia No. 02, 2011

  • Allessandro Magnasco, called Il Lissandrino and Clemente Spera

    The Satyr Festival, 1710 – 1715

  • Otto Grashof
    Portrait of the artist's parents in the arbor, 1832

  • Carl Friedrich Lessing (1808–-1880)
    Johann Hus im Vorverhör zu Konstanz 1414/15 (Hus vor dem Konzil von Konstanz) (Jan Hus at the Preliminary Hearing at Constance 1414/15 [Hus before the Council of Constance]), 1845

  • Carl Friedrich Lessing (1808–-1880)
    Johann Hus vor dem Scheiterhaufen (Jan Hus at the stake), 1850

  • Bowl, ca. 1910/20

  • Stefan Wewerka (Magdeburg 1928-2013 Berlin)
    Classroom Chair, 1971

  • Auguste Chauvin (1810–1884)
    Der Abschied des Tobias von seinem blinden Vater (Tobias Bidding Farewell to His Blind Father), 1836

  • Mary Heilmann
    M., 1985

  • Norbert Tadeusz (Dortmund 1940 – 2011 Düsseldorf)
    Untitled, 1961-1999

  • Tal R (born 1967 in Israel)
    Zig versus Zag, 2006

  • Giuseppe Passeri, Aurora, vom Morgenstern geleitet, vertreibt die Nacht, vermutl. vor 1706, Öl auf Leinwand, 63,4 x 80,3 cm, Inv.-Nr. mkp M 2010-1, Foto: Museum Kunstpalast

    Giuseppe Passeri (1654–1714)
    Aurora, vom Morgenstern geleitet, vertreibt die Nacht (Aurora banishes the Night, guided by the Morning Star), presumably before 1706

  • Angelika Kauffmann (1741–1807)
    Bildnis der Stegreifvirtuosin Teresa Bandettini-Landucci von Lucca (Portrait of Impromptu Virtuoso Teresa Bandettini-Landucci of Lucca), 1794

  • Peter Johann Theodor Janssen (1844–1908)
    Die Siegesparade der preußischen Truppen vor Friedrich d. Gr. nach der Schlacht bei Hohenfriedberg (The Victory Parade of the Prussian troops before Frederick the Great after the Battle of Hohenfriedberg), ca. 1888

  • Johann Wilhelm Schirmer (1807–1863)
    Nach dem Sturm (After the Storm), 1849

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