The Foundation

Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast has operated as a foundation since 2001, having previously been known as Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf. It is a foundation under private law.

The Foundation is the result of a much publicised collaboration between the City of Düsseldorf and the energy corporation E.ON. It was established jointly by the city and E.ON in 1998, with the aim to refurbish the Kunstpalast wing and operate it on a long-term basis, since the city was unable to bear the costs for the necessary refurbishment single-handedly. Within the framework of this agreement, E.ON was able to acquire the rear part of the Foundation’s estate, where the company’s new headquarters were erected. At the end of 2017 E.ON withdrew from the foundation in connection with the firm’s relocation to Essen. Up until this point, E.ON had provided support to the Foundation amounting to more than 40 Million €.

The Foundation is principally funded by the City of Düsseldorf. In addition, it enjoys the support of the museum’s friends’ association, Freunde Museum Kunstpalast e. V. A number of sponsors and both public and private patrons contribute significantly to the achievement of the museum’s demanding objectives, as well as to the realisation of high-calibre exhibitions.

The Foundation’s affairs are conducted by its board of directors. It is composed of the Director General Felix Krämer and the Commercial Director Harry Schmitz. The board is monitored by a board of trustees chaired by Mayor Thomas Geisel.

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