Raging Thirst – Enameled Glass from the Schicker Collection

"Stangenglas" with Martin Barmet and his wife, dated 1588, H 29.5 cm, collection Dr. Schicker, Foto: Martin Adam

Friday, 16 June – Sunday, 26 November 2017

German enameld glass vessels of the Renaissance and Baroque period open a window into premodern Europe. Not only do they tell of overabundant feasts and a formidable consumption of beer, but they also bear testimony of piety and—particularly during the Thirty Years’ War—a longing for unity, which is expressed by the double-headed eagle of the “Holy Roman Empire of German Nation.” Most of the glass vessels can be traced back to famous collections of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

A German-language publication is available at the museum's shop (EUR 39.00): Hans-Jürgen Schicker, Gläserne Geschichte. Emailgläser der Renaissance und des Barock, Berlin 2017, 116 pp., with 50 catalogue entries of the exhibited glass vessels.

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